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Bengali New Year:

Every year on 31 Chaitra (13 or 14 April) in the evening through Baitalik the students and residents of Viswa Bharati say goodbye the old year and next day morning in Mandir (Prayer Hall) special programme is performed and thereafter everyone pay their respect to Rabindranath at Udayan Griha in Uttaryan.

Rabindra Janmotsav:

Though the birthday of Rabindranath falls on May 9, the anniversary as well as the Bengali New Year Day is celebrated on the first day of the Bengali New Year (Paila Baishakh, 15 April). Of late, cultural programmes are being performed by students and alumni on 25 Baishakh (9 May) in Santiniketan.

Briksharopan (sowing of Saplings):

Planting of Saplings on 22 Shravana (8 August), the death anniversary day of Gurudev Rabindranath, performed by the University every year along with Gurudev Saranam.


Halakarshana (ploughing of fields), the festival of rain is observed on 23 Shravana (9 August) by students and staff of Viswa Bharati at 7.30am every year in Sriniketan. Thereafter a special programme through songs and dances are performed by the students and teachers there.

Poush Utsav (Poush Mela):

Poush Mela is held according to a trust deed made in 1988 at Santiniketan from 7th to 9th Poush (December 23-25) when Visva Bharati also observes its foundation day. Tribal sports, dances and folk songs including songs by Bauls, the-wandering ascetics of Bengal, are a part of the fair and festivities. Stalls are put up by various Government and cultural organisations to mark the foundation day of Santiniketan. Morning Prayer and Inaugural Prayer are held at Upasana Griha and Chhatim Tala every year at 5am & 7am respectively on 23 December. Previously Fireworks are displayed every year on 24th December and people all over the state took part to enjoy the illumination and sound of the fire crackers but due to the order of Pollution Control Board at present no fireworks is performed. Various cultural programmes are held from 8am to the next day early morning (2am) daily up to 26th January mid night. Alumni of Viswa Bharati University from all over the world generally assemble during these days to exchange their life experiences with old friends and colleagues.  

Magh Mela (Sreeniketan Utsav):

In the year 1922, Rabindranath Tagore established Sriniketan near Santiniketan.
Sriniketan Utsav or Magh Mela along with an exhibition was formally started on 6th
February 1922. To mark the foundation day, a fair is organized every year on 23- 25
Magh (6-8 February) at Sriniketan. Fair is based on agricultural products grown in a
scientific way, equipment as well as the rural handicrafts. Functions of folk culture are
the other attractions of Sriniketan Utsav.


Durga Puja:

14 days before of Mahalaya, a drama and dance drama festival is organised every year where residents of different Bhavans (Hostels) are taking part in it. This was started by Gurudev Rabindranath himself.

Ananda Bazar:

A small colourful fair is organised by the students of Visva-Bharati at Gourprangan on
the day of Mahalaya before the long holidays for Sarod Utsav (Puja holiday). This fair is
known as Ananda Bazar. The profit earned from the sales proceeds from this fair go
towards a Fund used for charity.

Rathindra Mela:

Rathindra Mela is a small fair of Santiniketan, which is held in Sriniketan on 27
November every year. This Fair Organised by the students of Palli Sangathana
Department of Sriniketan. This “Rathindra Mela” commemorating the birth anniversary
of Rathindranath Tagore, son of Rabindranath Tagore.

Basanta Utsav:

It is held every year to celebrate Holi. The students dance and sing their ways through Amrakunja, followed by remarkable open-air cultural programmes in the main play ground inside the main campus at 7.30am. Baitalik and cultural programme are held in the evening of the day before Holi and also in the evening of the day of Holi. People from all over the country take part in this colourful and illustrious festival every year. This leads to a mammoth gathering resulting in scarcity of accommodation during these 2 to 3 days.

Nandan Mela:

Nandan Mela, the art fair, organized by Kala Bhavana in its campus, on 1st and 2nd
December every year before the birthday of Nandalal Bose, to commemorate his birth
anniversary. The students involve in various kinds of activities including art stalls put up
by the Painting, Sculpture, Ceramics, Graphics, Design and Art History Departments.
These stalls have artworks made by the students and teachers ranging from calendars
to craft items, diaries, stationery, fashion jewellery, paintings, prints, clay plates and
ceramics, wood and metal sculptures for sale at affordable prices. Nandalal Bose’s
birthday is celebrated on 3rd December.