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Kankalitala (5 km):

On the bank of the river Kopai is Kankalitala, it is one of the sacred Satipithas. A temple situated at the bank of River Kopai is the centre of attraction.

Nanoor (18 km):


Birthplace of Kabi Chandidas, famous for Vaishnava Padavalis. A temple dedicated to Devi Basuli or Bishalakshmi is like a stupa (mound). Bansuli Devi is one of the Mahavidyas according to the tantras. The image that is worshipped as Bansuli or Bishalakshmi Devi is really a Bagiswari image. Bagiswari and Saraswati are other Mahavidyas according to the tantras.

Joydev-Kenduli (30 km):


Birthplace of poet Joydev, author of the Geeta Govinda, a 12th century masterpiece in Sanskrit. A fair is held here on Makar Sankranti (mid-January). Baul songs are the principal attraction of this fair.

Lavpur-Fullara (30 km):

A Satipitha, one of the 51 such centres of pilgrimage.

Hetampur Rajbari (45km):

It is situated near Dubrajpur. It is famous for Rajbari, a historical heritage. Hetampur has a number of good tanks surrounded by tall palm trees.

Mama-Bhagne Rock (Dubrajpur):

50 kms from santiniketan after crossing suri.A small township, which having a number of Shiva temple. Numbers of gigantic rocks are found in the vicinity. Two remarkable of these rocks are known as Mama & Bhagne (Uncle & Nephew).

Sainthia (45 km):


This also is a Satipitha. Devi Nandeswari temple is situated here.

Bakreshwar (60 km):

Another Satipitha, a famous Bakranath Shiva temple is also there. There are a number of hot water springs with varying temperatures. The water coming out from the sulphurous hot springs has got therapeutic value.

Massanjore (85km): 

Located in Dumka, Jharkhand, this is the site of a dam on river Mayurakshi amidst hilly landscape.

Tarapith (85 km): 


Numerous pilgrims visit the Tara Devi temple, which is famous for Sadhak Bamakhaypa.

Nalhati (110 km):

It is located on a small & beautiful hill, where another Sati Pith temple Nalateswari is situated. Besides the temple there is a tomb of Anna Pir Sahib, a Muslim saint.